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Wiley Edge Coding Questions with Solutions 2023

Wiley Edge Coding Questions and Answers become a prime importance when we know Wiley Edge Graduate Recruitment Process by it’s round the corner. It makes it obvious that you as an aspirant are looking for the previous year questions or similar questions for the batch 2022 and 2023.

Before going in detail keep a note that you must have strong SQL skills and hands on experience in Java and Python. This is necessary because you aspire to be a part of some of the global renowned banks.

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About Wiley Edge Graduate Recruitment Process

Wiley Edge is the partner for reskilling training and developing rising talent for both public and private businesses throughout the world.

It’s more crucial than ever to prepare for the future. The rate of change is quickening, creating a bigger gap between the skills that are required and those that are available in the labour market.

Fact about Appearing Wiley EdgeIf you have already appeared for Wiley Edge within past 6 months then you are not eligible to appear again.

Wiley Edge Recruitment Process

The recruitment process for the Wiley Edge Recruitment Program could comprise the following –

  • Eligibility check based on application
  • Aptitude Test
  • Coding Test
  • Automated Video Test/ Group Discussion
  • Live Tech Interview
  • Final Interview

Wiley Edge Assessment Details

Wiley Edge Graduate Recruitment ProgramDetails
Number of Rounds2
Number of Questions23 Questions
Time Allotted90 minutes

Wiley Edge Online Assessment

Wiley Edge Online Assessment RoundsNo. Of QuestionsTime Allotted
Aptitude Round20 Q’s30 Mins
Coding Round3 Q’s60 Mins

Important Fact about Technical AssessmentThe Assessment will be auto submitted after 120 minutes.

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Wiley Edge Graduate Recruitment Process

Wiley Edge Eligibility Criteria

Here we have tabulated the complete eligibility criteria for better understanding. Go through the table thoroughly.

Wiley Edge Graduate Recruitment ProgramEligibility Criteria
Batch2023 & 2024
CourseB.Tech/ M.TECH/ BCA/MCA/B.Sc/M.Sc/ B.E./M.E.
Education60% aggregate in 10th, 12th graduation & Post graduation
BranchE/ECE/EC/IT/EEE/EIE & Mathematics
BacklogsNo standing Arrears
ProficiencyJava/ Python
Wiley Edge Coding Questions and Answers 2024 | PrepInsta (2)

Starting CTC
9 - 11 LPA

Wiley Edge Coding Questions and Answers 2024 | PrepInsta (3)

Registration Ends
On 27th Feburary

Wiley Edge Coding Questions and Answers 2024 | PrepInsta (4)

Hiring Male
& Female Tech

Sample Wiley Edge Coding Questions and Answers

Question 1 : Match

Problem Statement :
The number of goals achieved by two football teams in matches in a league is given in the form of two lists. For each match of team B. Compute the total number of matches of team A where team A has scored less than or equal to the number of goals scored by team B in that match.

Example :
team A =[ 1,2,3]
team B =[ 2,4]
Team A has played three matches and has scored team A =[1,2,3] goals in each match respectively. Team B has played two matches and has scored team B = [2,4] goals in each match respectively. For 2 goals scored by team B in its first match, team A has 2 matches with scores 1,2 and 3 hence , the answer is [2,3].

Function Description :

Complete the function counts in the editor below.

Counts has the following parameters:
int teamA(n): First array of positive integers
int teamB(m): Second array of positive integers

Return :
int(m): an array of m positive integers, one for each teamB[i] representing the total number of elements from teamA[j] satisfying teamA[j]<_ teamB[i] where 0<_j<n and 0<_i< m, in the given order.

Constraints :
2<_n, m<_10^5
1<_ teamA[j]<_10^9,where 0<_j<n.
1<_ teamB[i]<_10^9,where 0<_j<m

Input format for custom Testing :
Input from stdin will be processed as follows and passed to the functions.

The first line contains an integer n, the number of elements in teamA.
The next n lines each contain an integer describing teamA[j] where 0<_j<n.
The next line contains an integer m, the number of elements in teamB.
The next m lines each contain an integer describing teamB[i]where 0<_i<m.

Sample input 0 :
4 -> teamA[] size n = 4
1 -> teamA = [1,4,2,4]
2-> teamB [] size m = 2
3-> teamB = [3,5]

Sample ōutput 0 :

Explanation 0 :
Given values are n =4, team A = [1,4,2,4], m= 2, and teamB = [3,5].
For teamB[0] = 3, we have 2 elements in teamA(teamA[0] = 1 and teamA[2] = 2) that are <_ teamB[0].
For teamB[1] = 5, we have 4 elements in teamA(teamA[0] = 1, teams[1] =4, teamA[2] = 2, and teamA[3] =4) that are <_teamB[1].
Thus , the function returns the array [2,4] as the answer.





Question 2 : Game Of Clicks (R->Hard)

Problem Statement :

Sahil watches TV all day and gets bored. He started playing this dumb game of identifying minimum number of inputs needed to reach a channel. As his cousin, you have to help him, but you live far from his house. So you decide to write a code that will ask Sahil for some inputs and give outputs respectively.

Here are the problems you need to keep in mind :

  • There are 13 buttons on his remote: 10 buttons for the numbers (0-9) to form integers denoting respective channel index, “Up channel” button and “ Down channel” button for going i +1th channel and i-1th channel from i respectively, and a “Last viewed” button to see what’s the last channel before it.
  • The number buttons allow you to jump directly to a specific channel (Ex: to go to channel 172 by typing 1,7,2).
  • If the channel which you are in is ith and that is the max channel index possible, by Up channel, you will reach the first channel possible. Same goes for the down channel button. You can go to the highest channel possible if you go down from the lowest channel possible.
  • Sahil can get from one channel to the next in one of the two ways.
  • Sahil’s parents have set some parental control on some channels on Aniruth’s television. The “Up Channel “ and “Down buttons” buttons skip these channels as these channels are not viewable.
  • Given a list of channels to view, the lowest channel, the highest channel, and a list of blocked channels, your program should return the minimum number of clicks necessary to get through all the shows that Anirudh would like to match.

Input Format :

  • First line is the lowest Channel
  • Second-line is the highest Channel
  • Followed by a number of blocked channels B,
    and the next B lines contain the actual blocked channels.
  • Followed by the number of Channels to view V, and the next V lines contain the actual channels to view.

Constraints :

  • The lowest channel on the television will be greater than 0. and less than or equal to 10,000.
  • The highest channel on the television will be greater than or equal to the lowest channel. and less than or equal to 10.000.
  • The list of channels that are blocked on Anirudh’s television. All the channels in this list will be valid channels (greater than or equal to lowest channel, less than or equal 1 to highest channel). Duplicates may be Ignored. The blocked list can be a maximum of 40 channels.
  • The sequence that Sahil must view contains between 1 and 50 elements. inclusive. All channels in this sequence are not in the blocked list and are between lowest channel and highest channel. Inclusive.

Sample Input 0:
Sample output 0:







Question 3 : Help Anirudh

Problem Statement :
Anirudh loves to play games but his father is very strict. But one day his father agreed to get him a new game if he solves the following problem –
Given an array of Integers, determine the number of moves to make all elements equal. Each move consists of choosing all but 1 element and Incrementing their values by 1. Can you help Anirudh?

Example :
numbers= [3, 4, 6, 6, 3]
Choose 4 of the 5 elements during each move and Increment each of their values by one. Indexing begins at 1. It takes 7 moves as follows:


Returns: long: the minimum number of moves required


Sample case 0:
Sample input 0:
5 → size of numbers[]
3 → numbers[]=[3,4,6,6,3]
Sample output 0:

Sample input 1:

Sample Output 1:







Question 4 : Array Subarray

Problem Statement :
You are given an array, You have to choose a contiguous subarray of length ‘k’, and find the minimum of that segment, return the maximum of those minimums.
Sample input :
1 → Length of segment x =1
5 → size of space n = 5
1 → space = [ 1,2,3,1,2]

Sample output :
Explanation :
The subarrays of size x = 1 are [1],[2],[3],[1], and [2],Because each subarray only contains 1 element, each value is minimal with respect to the subarray it is in. The maximum of these values is 3. Therefore, the answer is 3







Question 5 : Coin Game

Raman was playing a game, he starts with x coins. Now in every step, he wins and loses and he has to get the money or pay the money as needed. He came in contact with a psychic who can see the future and the Psychic predicted the outcomes after each step. Now Raman wants to start the game with the minimum wage where he doesn’t run out of money. Help Raman to find what money he should start with. The only rule to keep playing is not going in a credit situation.

Input Format:

  • First line with n, number of steps in the game
  • Next n lines, n integers denoting outcomes of every game. Positive means winning and negative means losing that money.

Output Format:

  • One single integer denoting the minimum amount to start with


  • Number of steps<=10^9
  • -1000<=Money needed in each step<=1000

Sample Input:


Sample Output:



If he starts with 7 rupees, then after steps : 7 ->9 -> 0-> 15 -> 17.







FAQs on Wiley Edge Coding Questions with Solutions

Question 1: Are there any coding questions asked in Wiley Edge?

Yes coding questions are asked in the Wiley Edge Recruitment Exam.

Question 2: Is Wiley Edge exam difficult to crack?

The difficulty level of Wiley Edge exam is moderate. The questions are mostly easy to medium level in difficulty and with apt practice can be solved.

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