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5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel is the first ever chess variant with spatial, temporal, and parallel dimensions. It's the first-ever chess variant with multiverse time travel! This club was made for people who want to play the game online with real people. If you want to download the game you can do this by visiting Steam and typing "5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel" For those who don't know how to play
here are the rules:

A standard game of 5D Chess begins with an ordinary chess setup, starting on White's turn.

Along with the x- and y-axes, the game introduces two additional axes of movement: the turn axis, displayed horizontally, and the timeline axis, displayed vertically. In this display, the vertical directions are opposite for each player, but the horizontal directions are the same. A distance of one space corresponds to a distance of one square horizontally, one square vertically, one turn, or one timeline. Each player takes their turn by making a move or series of moves and then pressing the "Submit Moves" button.

All pieces retain their movement abilities from standard chess. In addition, their movement abilities are generalized across the turn and timeline axes. The moves of the pieces are as follows:

  • The rook may move any distance along exactly one axis.
  • The bishop may move any distance along exactly two axes equally.
  • The queen may move any distance along any number of axes equally.

When moving, the rook, bishop, and queen must travel through a continuous series of unobstructed squares.

  • The king may move one space along any number of axes. Castling is not generalized across turns and timelines.
  • The knight may move in a pattern of two spaces along one axis and then one space along another axis. It is not required to travel along unobstructed squares when moving; it may "jump" past obstacles in the way, including missing boards.
  • The pawn may move one space forward along one axis to a vacant square. Forward movement is considered to be in the upward direction, along the y-axis or the timeline axis. On the pawn's first move, it may move two spaces forward through two vacant squares along one axis. The pawn may capture onto an opponent's piece forward along either of the following sets of axes: the x- and y-axes, or the turn and timeline axes. When a pawn reaches its last rank, it is promoted to a queen; it cannot be promoted to any other piece. The en passant capture is not generalized across turns and timelines.

A player may make a move only on a board where it is their turn. A move is considered to be made on a board if the piece making the move begins and/or ends its move on that board. If a player makes a move on a board, then the resulting position is created as a new board, one half-turn to the right; the original board itself remains unchanged. The new board is on the opponent's turn. A board is outlined in the color of the player whose turn it is on that board.

A timeline consists of a series of boards in the same horizontal row. If a board is the latest board on its timeline, then the board is considered to be playable, indicated by a thick outline; otherwise, it is considered to be unplayable, indicated by a thin outline. A player may make a move only using a piece that stands on a playable board. If a piece's move occurs on a playable board, then the resulting new board is created on the same timeline.

A piece may travel through time using its movement abilities. If a player makes a move such that a piece travels to an unplayable board, then a new timeline is created in the direction of the player, downward from that player's perspective, in the vacant row closest to the originating timeline; the resulting new board is placed on the new timeline. A piece may move between timelines. When a piece travels between boards, only boards outlined in the player's color are considered; boards outlined in the opponent's color are ignored.

A timeline created by a player is considered to be that player's timeline. If a player, while their number of timelines is at least one greater than the opponent's number of timelines, creates a timeline, then that new timeline is considered to be inactive; if a timeline is not inactive, then it is considered to be active. If a player, while the opponent has at least one inactive timeline, creates a timeline, then the opponent's oldest inactive timeline becomes active. An active board is a playable board on an active timeline.

The present line is a large vertical bar that touches the active board which is the furthest left along the turn axis. The present line also touches every board in the same column as that board. Every board touched by the present line is considered to be in the present. On a player's turn, they must make moves until the present line shifts to being on their opponent's turn. The player may also optionally make moves on any playable board where it is their turn. The player may undo any moves made during their turn prior to the end of that turn. The player's moves are finalized and the turn is complete when the player submits their moves.

A player is in check in a situation where it is the player's turn and, if the player were to pass their move on all active boards in the present, then the opponent would be able to capture one of the player's kings. A player cannot take their turn in a way that would allow one of their kings to be captured.

  • If the player whose turn it is has no way to legally complete their turn, then the game ends in one of two ways:
  • If the player is in check, then they are in checkmate, and they lose.
    Otherwise, the game ends in a stalemate, resulting in a draw.

As you see the rules are simple. So let's jump into the game.

5D Chess - Chess Club (2024)
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